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At JAMES Consulting we are working with three areas of the EA discipline - Enterprise Architecture Management, Digitization and Transition Management, Business and IT portfolio Management. We offer services in all three areas and services that glues the areas together by focusing on their intersection.

JAMES Consulting are established by Allan Baungaard Jakobsen and Jan Staack as an umbrella and network to generate the knowledge and learnings from the best experiences personally and in our network.

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Enterprise Architecture Management

Digitization and Transition Management

Business and IT portfolio Management

JAMES Consulting

We are Experienced Enterprise Architects with a pragmatic approach towards working with business and technology transformation. 


Complexity and focus on coherency are often part of the assignments we undertake as architects or advisors for management and project management. 


We have a pragmatic approach towards working with business and technology transformation and intersection – and can work in the broad space of both demand side and solution provisioning. We prefer an analytical focus to provide well-reasoned decision support and influence.  


In addition, we are experienced as mentors and has received high rating from both mentees and managers.


Our philosophy is to empower you:


  • We aim to raise the level of competence in your company rather than just deliver a solution
  • We believe that we help you more by making you skilled than by solving your specific problem
  • We would rather coach and train you to choose the right IT systems than choose them for you
  • We would rather enable you to challenge the IT suppliers than be the IT supplier
  • We start where you are and at your pace